Broader integrated animal management portfolio will offer expanded product choices for customers worldwide.

Lamone, CH, September 28, 2018 – Datamars, a leader in delivering intelligent tracking, identification and animal management solutions, has announced the completion of its acquisition of a major portion of the Tru-Test business after receiving New Zealand’s Overseas Investment Office clearance earlier this month.  The acquisition includes the Tru-Test Retail Solutions division and Milk Meters product line along with the Tru-Test brand and associated brand assets.

Tru-Test is a global leader in agri-technology products offering tools for advanced livestock management, including electric fencing, weighing and identification systems and portable milk metering solutions.

The Tru-Test acquisition, along with Datamars’ recent acquisition of Simcro, a world-renowned innovator in animal health delivery systems is a key step towards fulfilling the Company’s vision for the livestock market – to deliver integrated, smart animal management tools that promote animal health, enhance overall livestock business management and ultimately improve precision protein production for its customers.  “Combining our livestock identification expertise and broad product portfolio with Tru-Test’s advanced livestock management products is a powerful union that will deliver intuitive and seamlessly integrated animal intelligence tools to the market.” said Datamars Global CEO, Dr. Klaus Ackerstaff.

“Livestock producers and Dairymen are recognizing value in data-driven decision making, and they are looking for new ways to gather key metrics for tracking livestock health and productivity to better manage their operations.  The combination of Datamars and Tru-Test will better serve to deliver on these customer needs,” said John Loughlin, Chairman of Tru-Test Group.
Datamars’ leadership in the industry is the result of its passion for understanding technology and how it can best be utilized to benefit its customers.  The strategic acquisitions of Tru-Test and Simcro will enable the combined group to offer products and services connecting animal management with individual animal data in day to day producer operations.

About Datamars

Datamars is an innovation and quality leader in the animal and textile management industries.
Our vast experience in RFID and integrated systems, coupled with our deep understanding of our customers’ operations have made us a leading choice of successful businesses around the globe. Our globally recognized family of product brands, including Z Tags, Simcro, Felixcan, Petlink, Textile-ID and now Tru-Test allow us to offer a comprehensive range of integrated services and products, including companion animal identification and reunification products, animal health delivery systems and identification products, and textile tracing and inventory management systems.   Datamars has over 1,800 employees located in offices around the globe, including the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. Our products are delivered via our extensive network of experienced service, sales, distribution channels and partners.

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