Temple Tag is proud to announce its 60th anniversary.  2017 marks 60 years of manufacturing and delivering high quality animal identification product and outstanding customer service to the livestock industry.  The company began in Academy, Texas in 1957 where all manufacturing, sales and customer service took place.  That year Temple Tag began advertising and selling one simple yet very popular product, its Temple Original tag.  Although the Original tag is still sold today, the Temple Tag brand offers over 500 different tags, including the popular ComfortEar RFID tag.

Today, Temple Tag resides in Temple, Texas, the North American headquarters of Datamars, Temple Tag’s holding company.  It is also proud to claim ownership of the longest continuously running livestock ID manufacturing line in the United States.

Temple Tag has led the way in the commercial sale of visual livestock ID thanks to superior products, face-to-face customer service and a decades-long commitment to the feeder and feedlot market, and we look forward to many more years of doing business.