Z Tags was introduced in North America in the early 1990’s with the goal of getting premium quality tags into the hands of every farmer and rancher on the continent.  Z Tags achieved phenomenal growth via a stellar retail distribution strategy, hiring exceptional experienced salespeople and delivering innovative visual tagging “systems” to the Livestock ID market.

Temple Tag was founded in 1957, and was one of the forerunners in the creation and commercial sale of livestock visual ID tags.  Temple’s leadership today and longevity in the Feeder/Feedlot market is a result of years of superior face to face customer service and the best products in the industry.

Datamars was founded in 1988 and is known globally as a pioneer in animal and textile identification.  Datamars created some of the first RFID practical applications with the creation of laundry/textile tags.  Datamars was also a leading partner/influencer in the creation of global standards for animal identification.  Over the last quarter century, Datamars has grown to over 800 employees and today represents one of the few fully integrated players in the industry.

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