Taggers & Accessories

Z2 No-Tear-Tagger™

  • Dual Action Kick-Back Jaw and Flip-Out Pin
  • Virtually Eliminates Ripped and Torn Ears
  • Promotes Healing and Tag Retention
  • No need to change Tagger Pins or addadapters between VID & EID Tags
  • Exclusively for Z2 No-Tear-Tag™, Herdsman®Tags and ComfortEar® RFID tags

Z1 No-Snag-Tagger®

  • Flip-out pin for fast, easy tag release
  • Promotes healing and tag retention
  • Durable glass-filled nylon construction – weighs just 6 oz
  • Works best with Z1 No-Snag-Tags®, Z Feedlot Tagsor FaStocker® Tags

Original Punch Tagger

  • For Original TempleTag®
  • Made of rust-proof alloy
  • Simple, easy two-step application

CalfHerder™ Tagger

  • For CalfHerder™ tags
  • Powder-coated alloy for durability
  • Locks closed


  • Dual razor blade design for quick and easy removal of tags, twine, latex bands and other material
  • Fluorescent orange handle is easy to locate
  • Convenient hole for lanyard or nail to be hung around the farm

V-Blade Tagger

  • For Temple Feeder Tag
  • Fast & easy application
  • Requires 40% less effort
  • Ergonomic handle

Tag Marker

  • For use on all ID Tags
  • Heavy-duty, industrial grade felt tip marker
  • Quick-dry ink penetrates tag
  • Easy to use
  • Fine and broad tips included
  • Marks about 100 large tags with two coats

Feeder Fast™ Tagger

  • For Temple Feeder Tag
  • Fast & Easy Application
  • Ergonomic Handle