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The 100% Recycled Feeder Tag

refeederFor over half a century, Temple Feeder Tags have been a favorite of feedyards and ranches of all sizes. The unique design and ease of application are just a few of the reasons cattlemen and ranchers have remained loyal purchasers of Temple Feeder tags.

As the world has changed, sustainable farming and ranching practices have become important to the livestock industry and its partners. We are proud to support these practices by offering our new Temple Re-Feeder™ tags.

Made of 100% recycled material, Re-Feeder™ tags are the same high quality and durability as our Temple Feeder and Super Feedertags. They are also economical like our Feeder and Super Feedertags, which means that helping the environment will not hurt your wallet.

Sustainable and Durable

All Re-Feeder™ products are durable and provide reliable identification yet are made of 100% recycled material.

Tag Design

The thick neck and sloped shoulder design of the Re-Feeder™ tag reduces the chance of breaking and snagging in harsh environments, virtually eliminating tag loss.

Easy Application

Temple Re-Feeder™ tags are designed to work seamlessly with our V-Blade® and Feeder Fast™ applicators, making tag removal and application fast and simple.

Variety of Marking Options

Custom tag decoration, sequential or lot numbering can be special ordered. The Re-Feeder™ tag also works with our hot stamp machines, which are made at our facility.

Animal: Good for calves and short-term use